Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cybersecurity should be accessible to every company, no matter how small.

Our team of experts at Aalborg Institute for Development is ready to provide your company with a tailor-made bundle of services that will increase your level of protection in the digital world. Every time a company strengthens its digital security, Denmark becomes safer.

The wide range of expertise present within the Institute allows us to be a one-stop-shop for your digital security needs. All you need to do is to contact us at and we will guide you through the entire process – preliminary needs assessment, support to obtain funding, review your digital security state, prepare a catalog of measures that will increase your digital security level, support in implementing some of the measures from the catalog and advise you towards becoming compliant with GDPR and/or ISO 27001.


Funding for digital security consultancy

Our funding experts will identify eligible grants to offset your costs for digital security consultancy and will provide you support with obtaining and managing them.




Needs analysis

Diagnostic of the current state of your cybersecurity, allowing a 360 degrees insight into the practices that affect security. Processes,  and technologies will be analyzed to understand how the most critical assets of the company can be affected by a security breach. A plan of action will be delivered to increase the current level of security.

Implementation Support

Support to implement best practices in your company’s cybersecurity posture, creating a tailor made program to fit your priorities and resources. Support  with implementation of security measures, cybersecurity policies and processes, security configurations, training and consultancy among others.



ISO 27001 Compliance

Support with the preparation for ISO 27001 external audit, understand the particularities of the ISO 27001 certification, implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS), create and tweak ISO 27001 policies to fit the scope and prepare the management and security employees to approach the compliance process effectively.



GDPR Compliance

Our experts will review your company’s procedures, controls and measures in order to see if you are GDPR compliant. Based on the review, a plan of action will be proposed to address the issues discovered.




D-mark Compliance

The D-mark is a labeling scheme for companies for IT security and responsible data use in Denmark. It is a recognized label in Denmark.






Cybersecurity course for entrepreneurs and SMEs

The course will prepare entrepreneurs to understand the most likely drivers of cyber attacks and to secure their most important assets through a safer cyber security posture. The course will cover extensively the security of the users, through a curriculum that will help entrepreneurs to increase their level of awareness and cybersecurity levels. The curriculum will cover extensive topics such as how to protect from phishing and ransomware, password security, multi-factor authentication, back-ups and critical cybersecurity concepts among other concepts. The course will also cover how to enforce company-wide settings and processes to ensure the whole organization follows the same route to a better cybersecurity posture. The course will be hands-on putting the focus on how to use the theory in practice, helping the students in workshops to apply the concepts directly on their configurations.

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Meet Our Experts

Felix Staicu

Cybersecurity Law Professor; President of the Cyber Security Cluster of Excellence; Co-Chair of the Disinformation Table, in the Future Commission of the Chilean Senate

Tamas Bakos

Senior Information Security Engineer (Offensive Security specialist) with 7 years of experience.

Examples of projects made by our experts

Audits for financial institutions in România –  Red Team exercises; Internal Pentest type exercises; Pentest network Swift exercises; Analysis of vulnerabilities to internal networks; Server hardening review.



Penetration testing audits for various clients within the insurance sector în France (Assessments of vulnerabilities to systems, networks, applications; Penetration test exercises and social engineering tests)    

Ethical hacking audits for an e-Health platform in the US – Ethical hacking was carried out on the payment portal and the main site, in addition to auditing its mobile applications. Our methodology included OWASP Top 10 and an extra methodology designed in house.

  Security audit for a pharma company in the UK – Black box type audit of 4 web services. Once the audit was carried out and the client remediated the vulnerabilities, we carried out a new retesting of the vulnerabilities, finding out that a critical vulnerability exposed was still exploitable, helping the client to properly fix it.  

Vulnerability Management and ISO 27001 Consultancy for a gas provider company in Europe – Ethical hacking services and vulnerability management support have been provided to the Organization. We have helped the organization to write and implement policies and processes organization-wide preparing the organization to pass an ISO 27001 audit.  

Penetration Test and Consultancy for an airline company in Hungary – A black box Penetration Test was carried out on their web application and external infrastructure. The test has found significant issues in both their web application and infrastructure, creating a solid action plan that was presented to the management. We are conducting 2 yearly penetration tests and act as on-going consultants for their IT team.

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