ONLINE WEBINAR: What will gaming look like in the future?

Join us in the free online webinar and let’s discuss visions and predictions for the future of video games.

It will be hosted by European Training Centre of Copenhagen and Hans Joachim Backet from the IT University of Copenhagen who will presents past developments and current hot topics, to make some predictions about what we can expect from video games in the future.

Little bit about our speaker: Hans-Joachim Backe is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. He is the head of the Games Research Group within the Center for Digital Play, one of the oldest and most well-respected institutions in the field. Since 2014, he has been teaching both theoretical lectures in game history and cultural theory as well as applied game design classes in ITU’s MSc in Games. His research deals primarily with the aesthetics of digital games and the artfulness of commercial software.

 What you can expect:

The event consists of a half-hour lecture on future trends within the games industry and how one identifies them, followed by an open discussion of the current buzzwords (like Blockchain, Metaverse, Free to Play, Battle Royale) and their actual significance for game developers.

We will meet on April 25th, 2023 at 19:00.

We are looking forward to you 

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