Aalborg Institute for Development (AID) opens a news office in Copenhagen

The Aalborg Institute for Development (AID) is glad to announce the opening of our new office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new office is a testament to the growth and success of AID in recent months and will help to expand our reach and impact even further.

Aalborg Institute for Development (AID) is known for its work in promoting sustainable development, support to entrepreneurs and SMEs, capacity building and improving the lives of people through research and development.

The new office in Copenhagen will serve as a hub for AID’s activities in the Capital region and will provide a platform to collaborate with local partners, governments, and other development organizations. The office will also be a key resource for AID’s international network of researchers and development experts, who will be able to leverage its facilities to carry out their work more effectively.

“The opening of the new office in Copenhagen is a significant milestone for AID,” said the organization’s director, Mrs Bozkova. “It will allow us to expand our reach and impact, and to better serve the needs of the communities we work with. We are excited to be a part of the vibrant development community in Copenhagen and look forward to contributing to its efforts to promote sustainable development.”

The opening of the new office in Copenhagen marks an exciting new chapter for the Aalborg Institute for Development and demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurship and improving the lives of people. The organization is poised to make a positive impact in the Nordic region and beyond and will continue to play a critical role in shaping the future of international development.

How to contact our new office in Copenhagen?