Aalborg Institute for Development (AID) has been awarded a new project for conducting a feasibility study on sustainable business models for a game development company in Denmark.

AID will be performing several tasks to help the client achieve its goal. AID will conduct a market research and product validation to identify potential areas of growth and development for the company. In addition, Aalborg Institute for Development will optimize the company’s brand identity and promoting it through various channels. This includes developing a marketing strategy and creating engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

AID will also develop management strategies for the company, including a hiring/onboarding plan and a company strategic plan and will help the client establish a sustainable business model that is focused on long-term growth and success.

The feasibility study that AID will be conducting is expected to provide the client with valuable insights and recommendations on how to adopt sustainable practices in its business model. This will help the client become a leader in the gaming industry and set an example for other companies to follow.

At AID we are excited to take on this project and looks forward to working with the client to achieve their goals.

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